About Us

Founded in 2011 Karaduman Chemistry, friendly and innovative team has reached today with the leader among suppliers of raw materials to Turkey's construction chemicals and dyes industry. It continues its success with its performance and perfectionist philosophy.

Its wide distribution network serves by adopting the fast dispatch approach. While continuing with its long-term customers thanks to its marketing strategy, quality, trust and stock adequacy, it continues to grow by reaching new customers with its performance.


Our company was established for the marketing of chemical ingredients and undertakes to provide all the necessary resources and needs for the realization of the quality policy understanding it targets. It aims to realize all the products and services it provides in accordance with the internationally valid quality standards and the economic and technical needs of the day. It continues its way as a company that adopts the best service policy by presenting its quality level to its customers in a way that is open to innovations, taking firm steps forward and creating the experience and knowledge as a mission.


Our company is to be a world company that makes a difference with solutions by establishing reliable and strong collaborations. It will always realize customer-oriented products and services; The existing innovations will ensure continuous development and aim to grow continuously.